Principal engineer experienced in building scalable web applications using NodeJS(ExpressJS), PHP(Laravel), Cloud computing (AWS, Google Cloud), DevOps(Jenkins, Travis, GitLab), Infrastructure Provisioning(Terraform, Packer), Messaging Queues(RabbitMQ), Container Orchestration with Kubernetes(GKE, EKS), ECS and Docker Swarm, Elastic Stack, API development and finally integration.

I have a knack to see the bigger picture in the scheme of things with ardent love of architecting complex systems. Tech blogger @freeCodeCamp, @hackernoon, and @DigitalOcean. I am edging towards being a specialized generalist. In the past, I have been identified as a T-shaped person.

Apart from exploring the beautiful world we live in, my diverse interests range from higher poetry, philosophy to politics, economics, history and the list goes on. I am deeply inspired by the illuminated thought of the poet-philosopher Sir Muhammed Iqbal and by the imaginative genius of the great German poet-statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.