Nature: The conscience of the universe

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

― Albert Einstein

The universe is filled with wonders, maybe the greatest of its wonders lies in humanity. Humans, the sapient creatures bringing order and sense to the chaos on Earth their own part of the universe in their opinion. Life is fascinating and beautiful beyond the seemingly random play of chemistry and biology with no creator in visible sight mankind postulated theories on end to explain the why, how and what of our existence on this planet. I think humanity is the priceless fruit of a majestic tree our universe, it may not be the only fruit but at-least one we know.

The Big Bang Source: Wikipedia: The Big Bang

During the 13.8 billion years of our universe if the CMB(Cosmic Microwave Background) is to be believed, our universe has progressed stage after stage from the big bang arising out of a single singularity to rapid expansion caused by quantum fluctuations to the formation of stars from dust and gases to the creation of elements in the core of stars and in the tremendous heat produced from supernovae, billions of stars vanished to constitute the wondrous form we assume today. Everything on Earth is simply put remnants of stars, supernovae and maybe blackholes the seed for wonderful chemistry and thriving biology of our planet was created in the core of stars far greater than our sun, in the cataclysmic explosions of dying stars. To know that every atom of our physical being was at one point of time millions of degrees celsius hot and passed through stage after stage for billions of years recurrently transmuting its own essence.

All of this is compelling enough for me to believe that a creator who is Eternal and Omnipotent must have planned created and executed all of this for some purpose far beyond our petty greed to consume and control the world. He created and fashioned all things to the extant of perfection within the context of the existence of each form, He is the all knower yet capable enough to appoint overseers to the guide the everything in existence to the ultimate purpose of creation. There is an inexplicable unity in all things in the universe, Nature is the glue that binds entire universe from the gravitational anomaly of the great attractor (Laniakea Supercluster) to the weak nuclear force.

Adams Peak Source: Wikipedia: Adams Peak

Nature in itself is a collective conscious force, overlooking the state of the world and its inhabitants, it encompasses all life on Earth. It sees the good the bad and the injustice and the justice as well in the same manner. It reacts to man and his acts it exerts its force as and when is needed. Every age has a new goal to accomplish for the development and empowerment of man as the apex of creation. Thus it is a constant participative force in his career on earth, it aids man and exerts the necessary force for course correction. It views humanity as a unity and supports it to achieve the work God exalted destined for it. It reveals its designs, strength and purpose to receptive individuals capable of understanding it.

The ability to understand and comprehend nature at an elemental level is one of the greatest gifts of God almighty. It senses the void of justice when it is created and exerts it’s forces in man thus an individual is born with extraordinary capability gifts and talents. It scouts the living individuals of the world to be the fitting parents of the individual it chooses to endow, raise, task and gift to fill the void of Injustice. In the process of creating a chimera a belarathon must exist necessarily to force the chimera out of its shell to perform its duties and discharge the responsibility of being an unwitting agent of nature in the quest for balance and to reach the ultimate goal of humanity. It is thus a force designated by the creative activity of God almighty, an active conscience intervening in the world. The spirit of nature is displayed to the poets and philosophers who again are agents of nature to achieve an objective. It reveals as and when needed according to the mood of the age and the level of perception of mankind at a certain stage in its progression towards the ultimate goal.


Faizan Bashir

Principal Engineer | Architecting and building distributed applications in the Cloud | Adventurer | Seeker | Wanderer

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